Friday, 19 October 2012

Caught in the act

I am now beginning to feel much better after my recent bout of Man-Flu and at last my temperature has dropped. I was feeling quite rough at the beginning of the week finding that I went into cold sweats at every small exertion and made worse by three 12 hour days!

I am still very keen to do the Stort 30 mile run on Sunday and have decided to take it sensibly making a judgement call on the weekend as to how I run it but mindful I may be called into work. I am however not going to fool myself and will be going for a comfortable run but if I feel it is going OK will stretch the legs.

On the subject of running shoes

I arrived to an empty house this evening and so had got myself a bag of chips for my tea so sat down in front of my laptop to do a little Bare Foot shoe research whilst the Delightful Mrs S was not supervising my late night browsing. For some reason at the moment she has the "Jerry Running RADAR" on full sweep and when she came in from work and had settled down on the sofa for a chat spotted that I had [stupidly] left my browser window open to display some VFF KSO and then came the classic comment ever which I know my good running friend Duncan will raise his eyes to the Heavens on hearing:

"YUCK....They look like monkey are mad!"


  1. Hope you are fine to run on Sunday! I must agree, they look like monkey feet! Have a great weekend!

  2. "Monkey feet" yeap, a fair description. Hope you manage to run tomorrow Jerry