Saturday, 13 October 2012

Let's look at 2013 for a moment

Things are a bit down in my running world including my training miles and my general attitude, the latter being due to my general over-tiredness caused by long hours and general stress....hey enough of that this blog is about the running but it is good to know that with all the Tribulations there are Trials.

In my ever increasing running fraternity I have met some amazing people but one or two really shine above the rest. One such person is Christian Hottas of Hamburg, Germany. Christian is in various record books for the most marathons/ultramarathons run and it appears he is about to reach his 2000th distance run in May incredible achievement.

I first met Christian in 2011 at the Grand Union Canal Run with his wonderful companion Christine Schroeder who similarly has run some amazing distances. Christian is a brilliant photographer  and often publishes pictures from his events including the runners, the scenery and items of interest. This year he presented a book to Dick Kearn of his memories from the Grand Union Canal races...a lovely, thoughtful man.

Today I received an invite to be one of his escorts at his 2,000th Marathon in Hanover, Germany on 5th May 2013..something I jumped at and with the full go ahead from the Delightful Mrs S (in a view of agreeing a fixed travel budget) I entered.

So, between you and me, I hope this will be the final training run before running GUCR at the end of that month....fingers crossed.

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