Sunday, 7 October 2012

Night Run - The Misfits Report

"Why The Misfits?" I have heard you mumble under your breath when I red the relevant blog over recent weeks Dear Reader. Well the reason was because I wanted to settle a long standing "Pub argument" where various people have strong views as to where the highest points on the North Downs were and it all came down to which side of the county border you were on. We were to travel by foot to the highest point in Kent and then onto the highest point in Surrey, about 2 miles apart. The Surrey summit is classified as a Marilyn (above 250 m) and The Misfits was Marilyn Munroe's first film :-)

This Night Run was always going to have a low turn out as it was nestled slam dunk in the middle of some big events and training calendar dates but I was remiss in my planning but was happy to cancel if necessary but was it was great to have 3 of the regulars attend, Brian, David, Michael and myself.

So off we traipsed straight onto the muddy paths of Biggin Hill to wind our way along well known tracks and trails the four of us had trampled before but as David later stated "Running in the dark is so different, you really have to concentrate quite hard" Sadly no (real) badger attacks in the woods which secretly I was glad off and then out onto the road to head along Westerham Hill to visit the highest point on the North Downs in Kent which I described as the most uninteresting interesting point in Kent but the gathered ensemble mumbled the right words and we wandered over to a darkened area and stood for 5-10 minutes and star watched spotting satellites and the Milky Way. The path we were on was an entrance to a coach works with one or two houses and as we moved off we were met by a car whose occupants looked rather perturbed by our presence as we scooted off, I just hope that they didn't call the Police stating:

"Yes officer, four of them, one wearing Union Flag shorts, yes and they were all laughing!"

After getting off road again instructions were similar to "turn right when the dogs bark" which true to form the dogs did bark and we continued down to hit the North Downs Scarp to join the North Downs Way and onwards to Titsey Hill where I took the group to "The first tree on the right after the woods" where we were to view a trig point that was the current "official" highest point on the North Downs in Surrey. I say current as it depends on which map you use but Ordnance Survey is classified as the official one.

Cider called so it was a quick run to the pub where as usual we got the strangest of looks as we stepped through the door. Supping our pints we were soon to gather our belongings, I rather miffed as the £15 that I had placed in a plastic bag were no longer there so could not stand a round. As we left the ladies seated next to us commented that they thought we were cyclists but "Must be mad to be running", one lady was, should I say, showing a little more decoutage than one would want to see shouted as we left "Well if I see you I will make sure I run you over" slightly scared now we decamped. The politeness now lost between men "Oh my God, did she say she was going to kill us?  and "Cor, get your tits out on Titsey Hill" :-)

Hunter's Moon
So October is the month of the Hunter's Moon and we were aghast when, as we topped, the crest of a small hillock we were to see the Moon, a blood red and the size of a bright tu'pence just leaving the horizon, a beautiful sight as it approached its first quarter . It stayed our companion for the next mile as we ducked off road again to return on a slightly different route (for safety) to a warm and comfortable pub to sup another pint of cider and to return to our homes, mudded, blooded and sweaty.

Another great run with friends....and then to find I had not lost my £15 cider money for it sat alone on the side table next to my keys!

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