Monday, 15 October 2012

No rest for the wicked!

Another day off work today  but the worst of this infection is now over (The Delectable Mrs S admits it was flu) and my high temperature dropping to normal so it is back to work tomorrow.

With it is two more evenings teaching and the requirement to work Saturday,but that is not all for those who have been reading my Events page I have a little run out on Sunday in the form of a 30 mile canal race.

I am a tad worried about it due to the lack of miles I have been putting in of late but I have to put it into perspective it is just 30 miles and not a "proper" ultra so hopefully it has been a good thing that I have dropped back a bit. Firstly to repair any punishment from the White Cliffs and also just to have a rest and concentrate on things other than running for a little while.

The runs I took part in on the Downs last week and the run in London show that I am very strong at the moment and whilst no race winner I will be happy with a DFL and a race t-shirt.

Logistics on Sunday will be interesting though, a 1 hour drive to and then from the race with the added bonus of driving my daughter to Southampton in the late afternoon all that after a 30 mile race.

Indeed no rest for the wicked.

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  1. Will it be you and Keith competing for the DFL spoon!