Saturday, 13 October 2012


After yet another mammoth sleep of 10 hours I awoke this morning still feeling rough and under strict instructions not to do anything silly this weekend (read as no running or over-exertion) as apparently I look very rough! So whilst feeling unwell my little brain has been spinning 15 to the dozen and I needed a distraction so I decided to look at planning the logistics of the Hanover Marathon next May and boy, what a conundrum. 

I often think about other runners who attend big events and wonder how they go about planning it or do they just go to a travel agents and book it. I however am on a budget and want to go the cheapest, most efficient route.

To me this is the fun part of a race/event, the planning which includes:
  1. Travel (to and from)
  2. Kit
  3. Food/water (in event)
  4. Lodging/Boarding (if necessary)
 The Hanover race is no different but what makes it worse is there is only one flight on the Saturday leaving at 07:50 hrs from Stansted! So there is no easy way of getting there because the first train from my local station leaves at 05:59 hrs and I would miss the flight. So innovation was needed and I have therefore worked out that I need to get a night bus which is 2kms from my house and leaves at 4:20 hrs and gets to London at 5:13 hrs perfect. What with using German Wings , walking and a bus I have reduced this event by some considerable amount.

So a mixture of walking, bus, train and airplane will get me to Hanover with no doubt a walk to the Youth Hostel....yes you heard it, the Youth Hostel!

So the "Hanover Marathon Planner" Excel worksheet has been created soon to be transferred to the Cloud... I love planning for races :-)


  1. A good plan is useful to avoid bad surprises. You are a very good runner because you don't mind about the early hours and the difficulties to get the airport.
    When I went abroad for some race, I preferred to plan the more convenient and comfortable situations not to arrive at the race day tired or stressed.
    Good luck in Hanover.

  2. So sorry to hear you're still feeling rough!! :( Hope you're better soon (and able to make the Stort!) x

    1. Ironically Naomi, that is what I am doing at the moment...planning my route and options for Sunday :-D