Saturday, 20 October 2012

Run on Water?

Manic day today and only part of my kit is packed but the rest is easy to gather together for tomorrow's run from Bishop Stortford. I have decided to run with my Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set along with about 500mls of water so that I can whizz through the earlier checkpoints without too much delay in the early stages.

I love race week as there has been the usual online banter from the regulars and what I love about this particular race is that it is Lindlay's first attempt at race but he is being supported both as volunteers and runners from the ever growing group of friends on the circuit. I joked earlier on in the week that due to my drop in mileage I was happy with a DFL but it appears more than one of us is looking for that title...never in the history of a race have I been aware that people are racing to come last!

So the banter continued and it appears Allan Rumbles, the Sweeper for the day went to do a recce on the route today and his Tweets report:

Allan Rumbles @ogeerunner
@johnnyultra Not too bad, first 7miles are ver slippy tho. I reckon we'll get one in the water tomorrow. 

Allan Rumbles @ogeerunner
#stort30 recce done. Ran it steady in 5½ hrs on just plain water. Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow. #runningonempty

Allan Rumbles @ogeerunner
@conwild Lovely route. Bit slippy though. #stort30
 I now look outside and the rain is tipping down over the London area and I have now decided to add another waterproof and a pair of gloves to my, now growing, pile of kit which was supposed to be minimalist but hey ho, it is going to be a blast. 

What is it about me and river/canal runs this years that requires it to absolutely tip know me I wouldn't have it any differently

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