Friday, 26 October 2012

Silence is Golden

Kicking and screaming I left the office late again and rushed home for tonight the drought known as my running miles was to end.

Getting into the house I caught up with family stuff, grabbed a meal and after it settled down went over the pile of running kit untouched after Sunday's DNS at Stort30 chucked it on and dived out of the door. I wanted my legs to be like coiled springs, their sinews twanging like a violin string and indeed they did.....for the first 1km and then I realised I was going a little too fast after such a long break so cooled it off.

My main aim this evening was to run to a training session with some people from my club who were doing basic hill reps nearby so thought I would catch up, see how they were and join in. Before I got there I decided to run off road in the woods....lost with my thoughts in the darkness, alone and for a long time feeling relaxed. I skipped the hidden roots, vaulted a fallen tree trunk then trundled to the road, took off my head torch to the road.

As I approached the meeting point I saw some runners coming up the hill towards me who were on the first set of 11 reps of a 200m section...I joined in......and for 6 reps nobody talked, lost in their own worlds...not what I was I left to go on my way and enjoy my own thoughts.Running back to the woods and did a few loops and paths to return home, muddy, sweaty and most of all relaxed.

Tonight I enjoyed the solace of the run, the loneliness of the rehabilitating long distance runner...geee how I have missed the quietness of my own thoughts

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