Monday, 1 October 2012

Time to pay the bills

and say goodbye to the running club on Tuesday for two months.

Battling a hectic training plan that started today I have had to vector out Tuesday and Wednesday evening runs as I will back at the University lecturing until 9.00pm but that starts next week. This week I am taking the evening away from the club to take my youngest daughter to the Royal Society to listen to a lecture on Looking for patterns in the prime numbers.

OK, I know you have heard me talk about how I like my race numbers to be a Prime Number but I read about this lecture and it was once in a life time chance so we are off for an evening in London.

Just between you and me Dear Reader my legs still feel a little heavy from the White Cliffs Challenge, which I have since learnt that George and I came =8th in 13:49 hours, my run today telling me that a break tomorrow will do me no harm.

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  1. I would love to go to that talk! Awesome! A rest day is never bad.