Sunday, 28 October 2012

Time to stop talking about it

Let's cool off
...and time to do something about it.

I had lots to do today so I left my run to the afternoon and decided to keep it local. I was moping around the house when the Delightful Mrs S mentioned that my running had dropped in recent times and it was about time I got out, "My God, Mrs S your greatest running naysayer said that?" I hear you scream at your computer screens Dear Reader, indeed she did.

On my confirmed release I grabbed my kit, donned my road shoes and took hold of a pair of aquas that I have bought for trail running (the others I will keep mud free) and went for it. Arriving at the woods I swapped shoes and went for my first run in minimalist shoes.

 What happened next.

I probably chose this path as the worst one for the first run as it was thick, glutenous mud that had me slipping and sliding but with concentration I was able to negotiate myself along until the path settled down away from the river bank and I on more solid woodland trail.

The first mile soon forced me onto my midsole as my heel striking soon decreased (mainly because it hurt) and then I started to take real note of my foot strike , possibly running a little too fast for my first big barefoot run so dropped the pace and began to really enjoy it. I say enjoy it apart from the odd pebbled area that was somewhat interesting, if a little painful, to run on. Ending quicker than it started I dropped out of the woods and changed back into my trusty running shoes and ran the last part home but this time really aware of the heels in them, I mean really obvious for the main reason my whole gait seemed to have changed for the remain journey home. 

At home.

I quickly collected a bucket, water and some ice and for the next 30 minutes gave my feet a ice bath....wonderful

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