Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I had a funny feeling today at work when I realised that the project I was working on was (hopefully) nearing an end and we waited for some process to finish its cycle. Then that I was so very, very tired although better than I did at the weekend. The longer working hours, the deadlines hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles, so much work could so easily be lost. The project was supposed to have finished 3 weeks ago but was delayed, this delay now affecting my diary for this week I have started lecturing again and for my sins for 2 evenings a week...long hours + 6 are not good for the training plans.

So there I was moping at my desk and then an it hit me....could I honestly be doing all this if I wasn't so fit. Let's be realistic, yes I am fit, not as fit as I was in March this year but I am certainly the fittest I have been for so many years.

So OK, I do feel I am walking around Escher's Mobius Strip like the Ants at the moment work reflects my running "There are good stages and there are bad stages, stick with both and you will come out the other side just that little closer to the end"

This little blog entry makes me feel a little better but I want to get back to my training, feel that spark again and start enjoying things a little more than being stuck on this treadmill.

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