Friday, 30 November 2012

Back on the road

I have been a bit quiet since the Winter 100 and my report still waits in draft but the words won't come to such a wonderful run of mud, 70 mph winds and horizontal rain. I have tales of people with hypothermia and have tales of pals falling and dislocating their shoulders all in the name of sport....and still it sits there no more words to explain what an awesome night's running I had, slightly reduced by dealing with the dislocation incident of my mate David and our epic journey to go cross-country to a landmark so that an ambulance could get to him.

So after a short time from that 44 mile run I was out this evening to do a recovery run on the road but to do a few hill reps and what was supposed to be a few reps turned out to be just two very slow ones and a quicker ending back home.

Time to recover slightly as my right foot (which took a massive clump on Sunday) is a little sore still and my legs just need a another few hours before a planned 15 mile (22 km) run on Saturday morning

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