Saturday, 24 November 2012

Be prepared

Word from the course of Winter 100 race today tells us that there is flooding and course diversions in place....this is going to be an interesting night for navigating 50 miles through flood water!

Thames Path flooded
So now instead of running the Thames Path I have 50 miles of the Ridgeway....that is going to be an interesting one :-)


  1. I hope the weather isn't too grim! A friend and colleague of mine is running - I feel sorry for her and how soggy she'll be!

  2. I've seen the results and a 41% completion demonstrates that the weather was the key player here, as in the TP100 earlier this year. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the event after I called you.

    Gatliff was especially bonkers too. No course closures, just a consistent water, alternating between just over the shoe to about calf deep.