Thursday, 15 November 2012

Black Toes, Socks and Shoes

Why is it always the seemingly innocuous bumps and scratches that always give me the biggest trouble? Take Sunday's run, a seemingly simple little stump of the toe turns out to be a slightly swollen toe that pressed against an already weakened toe nail causing it to lift off.

Black toes
"What is your problem Jezza, you always lose toe nail?" I hear you shout at your screen, a good question I reply but nails sometimes take a little while to come off letting the nail bed dry out however, this was a wet bed and I have had it swathed in plasters  until part of a nail shard was removed by me last instantly dried out over night

Black shoes, black socks
So tonight was a well needed run but as is coming the norm these days, Thursday is barefoot night so it was on with the aquas and some old socks and I was off down the road which a bright and crispy evening. I felt I was clumping my heels for about 1 km but then without realising it I got into the swing of it and the knees were and I was feeling great such that I extended my run.

By the end of the run I have to admit my calves were feeling  a little sore but they feel OK at the moment but I know I will have some aches and pains tomorrow. I better not I have to do it all over again but this time with running shoes.

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  1. I always have at least one black toe nail. I have two at the moment. Mine stays on long enough for a new nail to grow out underneath the black one.