Saturday, 10 November 2012

GUCR 2013 is on

I am in a state of shock, literally in shock.

Having entered the Grand Union Canal Race 2013 ballot a few weeks ago I thought that with the new rules being put in place I wouldn't get in but as they say "You have to be in it to win it" and so expressed my interest to Dick Kearn, the organiser. Here is the time line:

  1. 2nd October 2012 -
      Expression of interest sent
  2. 28th October 2012
      Test message from Dick Kearn to all people expressing an interest
  3. 28th October 2012
      Terms & Conditions along with Pre-Entry notes from Dick
  4. 1st November 2012
      Entry Form sent to all runners expressing an interest
  5. 7th November 2012
      Reminder email received from Dick
  6. 7th November 2012
      Entry form sent
Then the wait!
 I am the first to admit that I had completely forgotten that the ballot was being pulled on 9th November until later on in the afternoon and on my return I discovered the GUCR Facebook page alight with gossip, chat and the usual banter and mickey taking from the usual gang. The draw was at 8.00pm and even the attendees were hushed into silence with even coded messages so subtle they could not be decoded.

Saturday morning
I traipsed down to the living room and picked up my Ipad and saw a message was flashed up on the screen from Naomi, an up and coming ultrarunner  via Twitter stating:

@UltraKent @ogeerunner Thanks for the lights advice, all totally new for me. Also, I see congratulations are in order for you both! :) #gucr

I was in a state of shock, three times in three years and I was in, a sudden feeling of dread then panic but most of all excitement and honestly didn't believe it until I had checked the GUCR website and Facebook to see a list of the usual suspects.

...I will let the dust settle and really crack into the training...I have a magical goal now

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