Thursday, 1 November 2012

Let's Make a New One Then

"Oh how I needed this run today!" I was heard to exclaim as we topped the hilly path, feet and legs caked in wet woodland mud, sweating and looking across at Duncan it was obvious he felt the same.

Earlier that run
Duncan had returned from his recent holiday on the Kent Coast and had run the cliff tops as I had a few weeks ago. When meeting Duncan was calm and relaxed as opposed to my somewhat hyper, over-stressed self. We agreed there was no route and we would just run for as long as we wanted and we did just that, me jabbering on about this and that, Duncan as usual patiently listening to my extended stories. Ever so often one of us would point to a hidden path or open trail and as one would turn down it until the next one was pointed out.

It was about 30 minutes into the run when I pointed to what I thought was a vague path but soon found us standing in a section of woodland containing low lying brambles it is here I said to Duncan "I don't think this is a path" to which Duncan's matter of fact logic replied

 "Let's make a knew one then"

 and realising too late stepped over a clump to feel my left calf get raked by a strand , then again as I stepped over the next and then strafed by a third.....I yowled as it stung like hell and without looking knew it was a bleeder, I cared not a jot and we ran, splashed, joked and laughed our way back waving goodbye at a suitable turn that would get us home, I taking the path, Duncan the road and woods to his house. 

Not content on using the bridge I leapt into and cross the stream below to wash off but was instantly muddy once more having crossed it and away home feeling so much better just to get out and have a break

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