Friday, 9 November 2012

Lumps, bumps and hills

 A story of every runners nightmare....a foot injury!

Thursday's challenge, 
  1. Get off the sofa
  2. Get on aquas
  3. Go running
  4. Whilst there do some hill training
Each of these were to be done in the order shown but #4 was not mandatory but it was worth a try. So I went out sheepishly feeling the hard pavements below me thumping and bumping but pleased that my change in gait was adapting nicely such that it was all seemed to be midfoot strikes. Warmed up nicely over the first kilometre I ascended my first hill rep and once at the top decided that the feet and calves were feeling so went about doing 4 more repeats of the hill, lungs busting and feet grumbling a little so continued on to take on another hill down towards my house...but then disaster struck ...a horrible dull pain in the ball of my right foot. Doing like I always do, I ignored it and carried on to do another 3 kilometres to finish off the run.

Getting home I tentatively walked into the house, limping slightly ( more for effect than pain) and sat down in the kitchen to look at this latest "Career breaking injury" with visions of lumps, bumps and bruises! Pulling off my aqua I found that the insole had rucked up and created a crease which was causing the pain.

I feel a little silly now as my foot is fine!

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