Sunday, 11 November 2012

North Downs shows her petticoat

An excuse to show a pretty lady
in a petticoat
This weekend was one of  many back to backs planned for my up and coming events just to get some toughness back in my legs. Saturday evening was a very simple, easy 10km run with no pressure so that I was ready for Sunday, my traipse through the local park at sunset told me that there was going to be a beautiful day in the morning as mist lay low to the ground.

An early start saw me pick George up from his house and us drive off to the Halstead and then take on a 17 mile trail run over and along the North Downs scarp. As we dodged over the M25 motorway me momentarily stopped on the bridge to look across to the South to see a glimpse of the North Downs' petticoat...fog and mist to us mere mortals but crossing over into the woods and looking into the Darenth Valley we could see the countryside looking vibrant in its autumn skirt with the long shadows pushing the mist from its cold grip. It is views across the valley like this that makes us stop in our tracks and just take in the glory that can only be found on the Downs.

Good toughy 17 miles today with no food intake and what amounted to about 200 mls of water, my doubts of the past few weeks disappearing as my new found confidence awakes. Roll on the Winter 100 sweeping duties at the end of the month.

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