Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Planning for W100 sweeping

Let's hope we don't meet
these buggers
It is about now in any race or event week that I start getting just that little bit more excited and today is no different.

On Saturday I will be Sweeping a 50 mile (80km) section of the Winter 100 foot race along a section of the River Thames and the Ridgeway. For those unaware of what the Ridgeway is, it an ancient track dating some 5,000 years that is 87 miles long, you may also remember I ran its length in 2010 and was the reason why I really wanted to extend my distances, the Ridgeway, as they say, got under my skin such that I may return in 2013.

Here comes the planning part, I love it, the kit prep, planning the train times the final run and the munching of snacks to get me "carbed up" I even caught myself checking the route from the station to the start.

On Thursday I am working from home due to some project work which gives me 2 hours extra in my day away from commuting so will take the opportunity to have a little cheeky maintenance run to freshen the legs up and remind them they have a job to do on Saturday night and burn off some carbs to get prepared for the event. 

Gemma and I have a different battle on our hands as whilst we are not running flat out we have to fight the elements which in itself is a challenge as we will get cool when our pace drops whilst he tag the slower runners but it is all good fun, I just need to check some pacing charts to keep us going.....plan, plan, plan :-)

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