Sunday, 4 November 2012

Run Fat Boy, Run

This is why the Fat Boy Ran!

I have just found this picture on an old hard drive which I have been meaning to post for ages as I often refer to it. This is the pivotal picture as to why I started to run again in 2007.

The Prelude
The date of the photograph is 22nd April 2007 and we are in Horse Guards Road, London and my Brother-in Law had just completed the Flora London Marathon in just over 5 hours and 30 minutes. Secretly I was in awe of him, a super hero and so fast. We had traveled up to The Mall, London to watch him finish and that is when the picture was taken and I stupidly agreed to run with him the next year (I was rejected in the Ballot)

That Night
That night the Delightful Mrs S showed me the picture on her mobile phone and after, away from the family I cried inconsolably. I never realised that I was so large and in fact was just over 200 Ibs having given up a 20-30 cigarette habit up the year before and found solace in food. This was the first time I had seen myself like this as my own body image always saw me as a svelte-like person but now at the age of 42 years old was going to seed, had a sporadic dry smoker's cough and refused to walk if there was an offer of somebody doing it on my behalf.

The Next Day
I bought a pair of Nike Pegasus  from a dodgy old shoe shop

The Next, Next Day
I joined a running club, ran 3 miles and looked the same colour as this at the end of it. The Delightful Mrs S asked me (kindly) never to do it again and as any good husband does at the request of his darling wife does...ignored it and.......the rest as they say is history.

So many people have so many reasons to start running but mine was a supposedly inconsequential  photograph from a sub-standard camera phone.

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  1. A great story, you did the right thing.
    I began to run to lose weight too and my life changed in better.
    My first shoes? Nike Elite Classic that you can see on the cover of the James Fixx' book.