Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sore feet

Wednesday is a traditional day of rest from sporting activity and having run about 50km in the previous three days thought it appropriate. Sunday's run had included a 5km minimalist run and today I spent the day in the office with my aqua shoes. Tonight my feet feel a little tender

The Club run
 I had the opportunity of a run at my club last night, my first for about a month due to working commitments and it was on my way there whilst running through the deep mud and water in the darkened woods I decided that I didn't want a particularly fast or tempo run so went for an easier pace, one where I could tick over under no pressure. 

It was during this Easy run that we came to the last long hill to the end that I stepped onto the road along a  cycle lane (better lit, no trip hazards) that I went into "The Zone" for about a mile and when I came too I found nobody was around me! Knowing I had zoned out I thought the group must have turned off somewhere and I hadn't heard them so I went back down the hill to meet them 400 yards down the road! I couldn't believe it as I thought I was lacking but this gave me new confidence something missing in recent times.

Going home
Later, after saying my farewells to my club mates I returned via the woods, something I wished I hadn't done as my feet were still tired and I found that in certain parts my ankles turning and the upper foot feeling quite tender as they twisted and yawed in the mud.

Today my feet feel a little battered so it is good I am not out on the road today and hope they recover before tomorrow's run

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