Saturday, 17 November 2012

The 7 P's

Remember the old adage Dear Reader?

 Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Training aside I have got to get my kit sorted and prepared for my run in Brecon Beacons and although 2 months away have spent part of the evening pulling waterproof trousers, shirts and space blankets from various cubbyholes to see what is actually worn out or still in a state of being worn in. 

"Why have you done this so early Jezza?"  I hear you shout at your screens, well it was caused by an email and then reminders via Facebook from Ken, the organiser of the Fan Dance, about how to prepare kit, pack and what equipment to wear and carry with me. Granted, I am not carrying the full Bergen but I am really listening to these guys as they have worked those hills over the years and listening to my father who also trained on them as a young man doing National Service, the Brecons have to be respected. Last year we were very lucky with the weather apart from the previous weeks rain.

So yes, I am doing the prep early as I was toying with the idea of carrying a full day pack and wear full body cover on part of the White Cliffs sweeping duties next week just to get the chance to prepare myself and my kit again

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