Monday, 12 November 2012

The Sweep is On

Got a nice email today from James Elson, the Race Director for Centurion Running, catching up with myself and three other runners, Duncan, Chaitan and Gemma who will be sweeping the Winter 100 mile race on 24th November 2012. Some of you will remember that Gemma and I ran the Surrey Tops last year and had a cracking 25 mile training run in April this year so if she is fully recovered after her training camp this month we are going to have a great time catching up on the news, I really hope she is.

Duncan and Chaitan will be running a 25 mile section each and Gemma and I the middle 50 mile section, which on reflection is going to be a tough call but it will be slow towards the end as the hours will be long (5.30pm to 8.30pm) but we are going to be fine and I am really looking forward to it.

For those who want a reminder of a sweepers primary role:
  1. To ensure the safety and accountability of the back of the packers. You must run with the cut offs, for a large part of the latter race this will be walking pace. 
  2. To pick up any obvious race trash and deposit it at the aid stations.


  1. Hah - I'll be manning the Whitchurch aid station...might see you on the course. :)

    Matt Sellwood

    1. Excellent Matt, look out for the shorts :-)

      I will make sure I bring my own coffee as the always seems to be tea on those checkpoints ;-)