Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 - A year in numbers

It appears that the tradition is now that runners post their annual mileage either on their blogs or Facebook, who am I to disappoint :-)

Here are my numbers at at glance which average out at 4.7 miles a day

I have run in 7 events ranging from 26.2 to 102 miles every race I have run has been either a personal best in that distance and have even run the furthest I have ever done in one go. I am quite proud of my road marathon PB of 3:42 as this was run with only 20 hours notice with little or no preparation. My longest run at the Thames Path 100 was not without drama when getting hypothermia in the final few miles when unexpected snow fall hit the field of play and I am so proud of the achievement having run it with just "Race Support".

Highest Month 225 miles
Lowest Month 59 miles Mainly due to recovery)
Highest Week 110 miles March (Week of TP100)

Mileage Total 1,720 miles

This is a dramatic drop from 2011 but so much has happened this year in both my work and private life that sometimes running has had to come second to some of the more important things in my life. One thing that did hamper my running was a serious bout of depression that hit me like a tonne of bricks in April and May this year which coincided with the aftermaths of the TP100 and a very stressful time at work with large hours being worked causing me to be exhausted physically but not enough for me attempt the GUCR again, I walked away from that at 96 miles but I was so pleased with my effort.

The next BIG thing that knocked the miles was working at the Olympic Games, a once in a lifetime opportunity, working with the Anti-Doping teams...every moment there was worth every mile lost through running.

Forget the numbers, 2012 has been a brilliant year for me having run and met up with so many like-minded people that I  can't wait until 2013 when I will get to meet them all over again.


  1. That's a fantastic achievement & I am envious. I started running seriously as a result of a couple of debilitating episodes of depression. Running has helped me no end but has now become an obsession & I can't stop for fear of depression returning. I have always ran for fun but now it is for my health. Since my first marathon this year I have lost 3 stone & cholesterol lowered from a dangerous 8.3 to normal 5.1 Like you I have met some fantastic people. Keep up the good work. Just got me a garmin watch & ditched the shitty Nike+ Regards John

  2. Just wanted to say a quick thank-you for everything this year. You've helped me (and totally inspired me) to keep going & achieve all of my "firsts". I really appreciate your support and looking forward to finally meeting you in person at the SPW in February :)

    1. Likewise Naomi, you have a really promising running career ahead of you. Your efforts in 2012 can only be admired, you have a great determination and lovely attitude towards the long distance stuff...2013 is going to be a wonderful year for you and the future Mr Newton-Fisher.