Sunday, 16 December 2012

9 Days Later

Sounds like the aftermath of a zombie invasion but really it has been 9 days and I have run my first 47 miles in my Vibram Five Fingers and can quite safely they are money well spent.

I am sure that I will be advised by many people that I have gone out too quickly, too far at first but I can assure you that I have done them with great thought first. Every time the shoes got put on I would do a few 100 yards and get a feel of how my legs and feet felt.

Last Monday, the day after 15 miles, my calves were indeed sore and the soles of my feet tender but I was to rest for two days and they were fine. In fact my legs are the biggest problem where different muscles are being used but by far the weirdest thing is that I have found I am running on the full width of my foot now and instead of just my big toe and the one next to it, all my toes providing a stronger push off!

A little disappointed that I have missed yrt another "long run" opportunity today but in a way, I am glad I have so that I can rest up and enjoy this period of minimalist running. I am planning to run more in running shoes next week first to get some longer miles in on the hills but also to rest by feet a little.

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