Saturday, 1 December 2012

Eating on the run

This morning saw me do a very unusual thing of on a Saturday morning but there was a plan for a 15 mile run afoot and I wanted to be part of it.

For some unknown reason I sprung from the bed at 6:06am 2 minutes before the alarm and was up and out of the house by 6:35am to meet four people from the running club, Liz, Karien, Eleanor and Emma. I had to be on my best behaviour today as I was the only man in the group but it proved to be a fun filled few hours with me taking a humungously stupid error on the route deciding to turn right for some unknown reason and then having to "make it up" for the next 3 miles looking for a convenient turn around to make it an out and back!!!!

However, at about 13 miles into the run the inevitable subject of food got brought up with the promise of bacon rolls and tea.....Liz and I knew there was a burger van about 0.5 miles ahead and our names were on the queue.

Let's just say the last mile was the slowest part of the run as we digested a beautiful bacon roll and brown/red sauce each....true food for long distance runners :-)


  1. It's taken 4 years but I've finally realised after listening to Radio 5Live on are an ultra version of Danny Baker!

    1. haa haa, what? Overweight, scruffy, old and a loveable rogue? :-D

  2. NO! incessant chatterbox rambling on about the minutae and random statistics of the world!