Saturday, 29 December 2012

Good Boy Drops

Wow...that was a windy run this morning! As per usual no plans for a route and with no set distance Liz and I set off from Knockholt church at a very comfortable pace both sniffing and coughing from recent infections. 
After a mile or so we seemed to have settled into a good pace and we began to chatter about our various Christmases totally unaware as to where we were going, I am often amused by Liz as she reads my signals as I scan around for a route and as ever saw a path off the road and by the looks of it not used by anyone for years.

 Jumping over the stile we navigated around the edge of a field, crossed a babbling stream and then towards some farmhouses, as we approached we were met by a beautiful little border terrier who seemed to think we were his long lost friends. Running up to us we spent a few moments chatting with him until he was met by another dog who then thought we were two playmates. 
Leaving our two new friends to be recalled by their owner who had just surfaced from a barn we waved a cheery goodbye and left by an incredibly muddy path and out onto the road. Pleased to find that I knew where we were a route was finally devised and we trudged off.

The recent heavy rains has caused a lot of water to settle on already sodden ground which is not helped by the downland chalk causing incredible amounts of surface water and mud. Drainage channels are now streams and overflow pits are full to the brim. Running was nigh on impossible in places but great strength and stamina work my Monkey Feet doing their best to stay on.

Back off road we had the scarp to climb and I was feeling sufficiently nimble to try and take it on however sneaky Liz had other plans and calling me she offered me a lovely chocolate covered chocolate toffee stating it was so I couldn't run up the hill unless I choked...I had been given a "Good Boy Drop" as would an owner a dog for good behaviour :-)

So to the top and near the car Liz was obviously on full alert as I sneaked up an embankment to join the North Downs Way and I was met by a stern "Not trying to sneak in a cheeky few extra miles are you Jerry?"

"No" I lied...bad doggy

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