Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Someone close the cage door before it is too late

I feel the Lion is at the cage door and am desperate to close it before it gets out, it must be that time of year as I am beginning to feel quite down. I caught myself with my face in my hands this morning deep in dark thoughts...need to snap out of it quick.


  1. Yes, snap out of it right now!

  2. Jerry, as you are aware, I know that Lion all too well. Once he's out, he's a tough beast to cage. Be postive, be strong, think of the good times - and I'll send you some positive vibes :)

  3. Jerry, as you are aware. I know that lion all to well!. Close that door - once he's out, the lion is tough to catch. Will send you some positive vibes - always think of the good times :)