Friday, 28 December 2012

Just as the shoes dry out

So just as the Monkey Feet dry out I receive a text telling me there is a run on for Saturday morning...luckily not a very early one but it looks like the North Downs are calling us. I am still not feeling 100% at the moment with an ever underlying tiredness and slight cough but if I keep the heart rate down and the effort steady I should be OK.

A decision for the morning is whether to keep my Vibrams in the house and just go out in ordinary trail shoes for the run as I have done quite a few miles in them recently and my feet may want a rest, after all I have the Fan Dance in 3 weeks time and I won't be able to race in them there.

Off now to think of a vague route for tomorrow


  1. Hmm-mm I'm not sure this is entirely accurate, I definitely saw some monkey feet on the trails with me today!

    1. I do love my Monkey Feet....they were great today :-)