Sunday, 9 December 2012

Listen to Everyone...

 follow Nobody, this has been my saying for many years and so I suppose this still stands true when it came to getting out in my new Five Finger Sport Treks. I was told take it easy at first and I did yesterday with a quick five miles (8km) on some light trail to come back grinning...I was going to enjoy these shoes.

Sunday's plan was to get up a little later than usual but this was soon forgotten when I rolled over to surface way beyond 10.00am, my run with HEROS now in the past. 

It was now later on in the day, we had shopped for presents and had returned home, the Delightful Mrs S ordered....yes, ordered me out of the door. Apparently I had all the tell tale signs of wanting to go for a run.

I grabbed my VFFs and informed the Delicious Mrs S that I had just bought them for my own present and instead of the obligatory:
  1. What happens if you tread in dog poo? or
  2. Don't stones hurt you? or
  3. You look Stupid
I need a shave
I got "Won't your feet get cold?"....phew, I got away lightly so zoomed out of the house heading towards some mud. As soon as I was 100 yards down the road I heard a toot of a car horn and my neighbour Rob and wife Hazel stopped and teased me remorselessly about dog poo and stones, all good natured stuff.
The plan was to go for a run...and that was it, a vague route in my head but the ultimate result was to get to Duncan's house and show him my VFFs. After years of remorselessly teasing him, it was time to show I was a convert.

Listen to Everyone

KSO does not mean Keep Stuff Out
This was where I chose to ignore all the advice (I will suffer tomorrow I know) and whizzed off through mud, puddles and gravel paths. I was loving it, really, really loving it.

I soon found my way getting closer to Duncan's and saw he was in as the Christmas lights were flashing through the window and there were Disney cartoons on the TV.

Never in the history of runningkind have I ever seen somebody go from fully dressed and into running kit, windproof and holding a headtorch than Duncan when I mentioned a short run with him, I think it took 30 seconds I'm sure!

Follow Nobody

Me with 10 miles of running in my legs and Duncan like a rat up a drainpipe we were off with comments like "Point me to the mud".

Adding another 5 miles to my run, my pads feeling a tad sore we waved goodbye after a fantastic run together...two barefoot runners, Duncan the superior and more experienced, me secretly following him and getting tips on how to run.

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  1. He he Jez, you couldn't wait till Christmas, tut tut, such a big kid!! But Glad you enjoyed them, will we be seeing this tonight (Tuesday)