Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nothing to stop me

In recent times I have had to hot desk at work and have found myself gravitating towards a certain desk that faces West with a nondescript view from a dirty window. However in recent days the sunset has been glorious, deep blood orange with a creamy haze telling me there is ice in the air, I joke with my colleagues that we need to leave to find a hill and watch it for a few minutes and enjoy the moment but soon return to our mundane work and stare at  word-filled computer screens...I need to escape mundanity it is obvious.

At last I was able to put the latest problem to bed and I was seen leaping from my chair to get home to cook the evening meal to share with Jezzarette 2  and then get my Monkey Feet on and go for a cracking 8 mile run. Dressed in long-sleeved shirt, smock, my zip up jacket and Skins I jumped out of the door to run through the local streets with temperatures down to -2 C. Having sneaked my headtorch into my pocket it seemed inevitable that at some stage I was going to cut cross country but looking at the glistening pavements and frozen branches of trees decided woodland was a no no.....ankle twisting frozen mud awaited me there so chose to duck across common land where the temperature dropped dramatically such that I was soon pulling my Buff over my mouth and nose to stop the discomfort of the cold air on my lungs.

My feet slapping the cold tarmac as I concentrated on stopping the dreaded "heel strike" and I dodged frozen patches of water from broken street pipes. Tonight was a simple run but a contrast from the office and weak sunlight to a night-time run in the cold with my Monkey Feet was poles apart.

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  1. Sounds like just the break from office stuff you needed. That is quite cold. I'm starting my leave tomorrow so I'm nearly done with the office for 2012 and off to a summer holiday!