Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Piston Broke

Last night was my running club's pre-Christmas drink which was to be held after our respective runs. Full permission was given by the Delightful Mrs S and I was seen to jump from the door with my Monkey Feet and a head torch as I planned to run through the woods as I was slightly late.

Runs went well but my feet were feeling it towards the end but was happy to hear that a large contingency were to descend on the pub. Let's just say that 2 hours drinking on an empty stomach and after running 9 miles does not blend well with good decision making! I was in a very jovial mood and left the pub feeling a little inebriated but chose to run through the local park in the dark but then I thought it a "good idea" to take a different route through it to then find I was lost!!!!!!

My inebriated state left my decision making somewhat to be desired but the trick I have learned in night running is to run the contour and follow the fence line, the trick in my woods is to find the railway line (usually by their noise) but being late at night hardly any trains were passing so by luck I found myself back on track arriving home at about 11.40pm....the Delightful Mrs S not looking very happy as I was muddy and sweaty needing a shower to clean off.

Lesson learned

Don't run the woods when pissed :-)

The old joke

Harry is fiddling under the bonnet of his car. A tramp walks by, stops, and looks at him. 'Piston broke,' explains Harry. 'Ah yes,' says the tramp. 'So am I.'

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