Saturday, 8 December 2012

Subversive Minimalist

OK Dear Reader... I know the regular readers will have got a hint, then  a retraction, but now you have a confirmation... I am now a fledgling Minimalist Runner.

This evening I was invited to a meeting at my College to see my new boss, the"Boss's Boss" and all the other lecturers I pass in the corridor to eat tuna rolls and drink table wine. I decided that I should mix work with pleasure, so on  my way I took a detour to the local Minimalist Runner's Emporium.

I found all the other skivers who must have done what I had done by sneaking out of work early thinking 5 O'clock on a Friday afternoon was "The best time to go"  VFF shoe shopping.....However I met a young lady assistant who was really helpful, she disappeared with my vague directions of "I am 8 in UK shoes, 26cm by paper measurement but happy to wear what is comfortable." to return with a box. By this time I had removed my shoes, made apologies to the lady next to me about my mismatching socks (green and orange), gnarled feet  and mention of my mate Duncan who I affectionately call "Monkey Feet".

Big Toe, Little Toe

The assistant was superb, "Big toe, little toe" she kept reminding me,as I shoved , pulled and wiggled into my new shoes and after a while I listened, Big Toe, Little Toe,  a squeeze of the toes by said assistant, a shuffle consisting of placing the big toe first and then in order to the little, a yank of a secondary toe by me  and I was in......left foot on. A  secondary attempt for the right and I was ready for the obligatory invitation on "Do you want a run outside Sir?"

I went off for a test run..........most runners do a 20 metre run......I enjoyed my run...and ran off  around the block instead of out and back. I heard myself say "Shoes may like the feet but the feet have to love the shoes" feet were in love. My helpful assistant was looking in the direction I had run off in and jumped out of her skin when I came from the opposite direction.

Then I mentioned my UKA Competition Licence and managed to negotiate a 10% discount, so shoes paid for, bagged and a cheery wave I was off to discuss "The Student Learning Experience", grading and "Why are there more vegetarian options when there are more meat eaters present?" the usual whinges of the academic staff. Then the wine flowed and an extra pint down the pub afterwards which soon saw me staggering slightly off the Charing Cross train station.

The temptation was too much

In my semi-drunk state I sat waiting for my train and my new VFFs were calling to me and so I ripped off my day shoes and went about the job of squeezing my feet in with the echo of "Big toe, little toe" ringing in my ears. I was in and happily walked around the station, the VFFs as comfortable as a pair of favourite slippers.

All I have to do now is run in them.


  1. As you well know I think they are the most comfortable shoes to wear and run in!

  2. I were running in VFF by two years and it's amaizing. Just be carefull at the begining and try no to run as far as you usualy do in your old shoes.

  3. Every day you take a step further to the Dark are becoming Vader!