Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The problem with ultra-runners

The problem with ultra-runners is that they sometimes think they are indestructible or at least I do. Take Saturday's run, I felt great and wanted to go on and on, well for at least another 10 miles as the pace was there, the mindset was there....I was in the Zone.

Now Sunday, things were not great that day, I had family stuff to do and was happy to drop my run promising a good run on Monday and Tuesday.....so easy to say.


After doing some college marking I was mentally ready for a run and donned my kit, stepped from my door and immediately felt as though it was going to be a bad one but stuck it out thinking of the "Good to run on tired legs" but turned around after about 2km to trudge home, I just didn't feel right.


Surely Tuesday would be better and so I ran through the woods taken a longer detour as the river bank was muddy as hell and got to the club unscathed, chose my group and ran off with them and within 2km felt awful, legs ached, my guts were complaining and called it a day when the pack ran past the bottom of my road to see me sprint home and through the front door to the toilet where I was violently ill.

That explains it.....I am not indestructible, I am human and my body was telling me something I just couldn't hear it.

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