Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bashed and Trashed

I reported in Wear and Tear that my trail shoes had taken a real bashing but now the mud has been properly washed off from my 30 mile run in the snow on Sunday I can see the extent as the rips they have in them. Infuriatingly as it is the soles are pretty sound with some good grip and I am in two minds as to whether to ditch them or just carry on running in them until they deteriorate beyond recognition.

I can't really justify the expense of buying trail shoes for the moment so may have to rely on a pair of retired Waveriders (for longer runs) and Vibram Monkey Feet for anything up to about 15 miles.

I am still amazed how these shoes have been so trashed.....but it was good fun doing it :-)


  1. How many miles have these shoes done - if less than 2-300 I'd be tempted to take them back to the shop or contact the manufacturer.

    Good luck,


  2. My current trail shoes also have some tears in a few places but they have done a fantastic job for over 800km. Will get new ones mid year when my trail season starts.

  3. Neil/Johann, they have done 600 miles or 960 km in new money, I can't complain really I suppose