Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Cake & Swamp Monsters - A New Years Day Run

After an eventful New Years Eve when just one too many ciders were imbibed by my good self I was to meet a number of runners from my sister club for a traditional New Years Day run. The general concept is, all turn up at John's house baring cakes and drinks, run (or walk) a set distance, return, eat cakes, drink drink....every sports person's dream.

I like these events as they are geared for all ages and ability comprising a 5 mile walk, a 7 mile slow run and a final run which is always billed as 13 miles (ish) meaning 15 miles.

I was toying with the idea of taking my Monkey Feet and after a little side chat, the members of the latter group decided that it was to be a cross country run with LOADS of mud but by the looks of it nobody cared a jot, these characters were always up for any type of run...my kinda people.

I was feeling slightly under dressed at the start as everyone seemed to be ready for an arctic adventure with long sleeves, I just a short top and gloves...I was pleased later as it was quite warm once we got going as some of the mud was horrendous, Chris, the pack leader, was not taking prisoners on the first 5 miles ( I have since learned that with Chris, you need to keep him in sight for the first bit and then he drops the pace).

This was a tough run, the pace a bit full at times and the mud relentless, I was secretly really chuffed as my Monkey Feet were gripping and I could feel the ground below me fine even if my feet were a bit cold at times whilst trail shoe wearing pack members were slipping and sliding all over the place, a couple even taking tumbles with the usual screams and hoots of laughter of "Man Down" as a swamp monster rose out of a puddle.

Later we run down a series of flooded country lanes where we had to run through the middle of a 50 metre pool of cold, dank water. I had my comeuppance as a couple of the guys  kick and splashed water all over me, my back and legs....soaked but my humour still in tact we returned to the warm house to be filled with black coffee and the finest lemon drizzle cake.

A brilliant first run of 2013 highlighting my fitness has suffered of late.

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  1. Awesome start to the year I think! Have a super 2013 Jerry!