Friday, 18 January 2013

Dirty Drop Out

The bags were packed, the car ready and I was released from work slightly early due to the weather conditions so things were looking up. Then the train stopped between stations and would not move for 45 minutes, then terminated leaving me to part bus ride, part walk home. I still had the intention of getting to South Wales but for days the area I was going to had a Weather Red Alert.

The Delightful Mrs S had other ideas and made it quite clear that she wanted me to stay in London. I decided to look at the weather news, airports closed, jack-knifed lorries, warnings of snow drifts  and dropping temperatures, I was still thinking about it until I saw official warnings from the Brecon Beacons telling people not to come to the area. To be truthful, it is only right as these are extreme conditions for the UK and as they say a person has to risk their life to save yours and with threats of -10 centigrade temperatures. My real fear was the journey to and from the event and funnily enough not the mountain.

I am irritated by the organisers of the race whose attitude is that their responsibility starts at registration and not the journey to or from and have carried on with it regardless pissing off probably 350 of the 400 starters, it appears the people who have got there did so as they had a day off or 4 wheel drive vehicles. Yes, I am aware of the no refund policy but they did have an option of doing it next week and I think most people would have accepted that.

So I have dropped out of the Brecon run but watch this space there maybe something in the pipeline this weekend :-)

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