Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Final Preparation for the Fan Dance

I got an email from the organisers of the Fan Dance today, it started:

As you will all be well aware, we will likely be in for some adverse weather condition on 19thJanuary. Given the forecast the best we can hope for is fresh snowfall on Friday and clear skies on the Saturday. All participants should prepare for temperatures as low as -10c and for icy or snowy conditions underfoot.

 Great I said, bring it on, this is why it is called the Winter Fan Dance after all, but it was great to have a warning like this as it helped focus my mind on what I really needed to keep the wind off and the cold out. Experience has told me that it maybe sunny at the bottom but it can be wet/windy/cold/snowy (delete if not applicable) at the top and the talk of -10c is pretty cold stuff.

Kit review

This is the kit list now:
  1. Full waterproof body cover
  2. Windproof jacket (yellow)
  3. 2x Buffs
  4. Running + pair of Thinsulate gloves
  5. Thermal base layer
  6. Thermal mid layer
  7. Long and short sleeved running tops
  8. First Aid kit
  9. Compass and whistle
  10. Headtorch
  11. Gels x3 + 1l water
  12. Trail shoes
  13. Skins leggings
  14. Survival bag
Some serious amount of kit for such a short race but a lot of it is sensible and mandatory in the conditions. So that is the kit now for the stuff for the car, shovel duvet, blanket....the list goes on.

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  1. WOW!! Certainly have my fingers crossed for you that the weather is kind and really looking forward to hearing how you get on. Good luck and take care of yourself out there Jerry!!