Tuesday, 29 January 2013


1. Markedly unusual or abnormal; strange: freakish weather; a freakish combination of styles.
2. Relating to or being a freak: a freakish extra toe.
3. Capricious or whimsical.

freak'ish·ly adv.
freak'ish·ness n.

"It is almost freakish the way you have gone through the transition to those" 

My guru stated as he pointed to my Monkey Feet as we bounced up a slippery incline towards the near setting sun and I laughed.

Maybe it was the mileage I do and the strengthened tendons and sinews that result from it.

However, due to some contractual work that has come my way I have had to change my plans and I decided to slip in a cheeky 6 miles on Monday evening, a nondescript one through the roads and local woods luckily missing the rain.

I now sit here and wish I had not been so head strong and enjoyed the downtime for now, having run 35 miles (56 km) in three days my feet are sore as are my calves but ironically wearing my (newly laundered) Monkey Feet which give me support and strangely warmth  which I feel quite soothing.

I shall rest now until Wednesday.

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