Saturday, 5 January 2013

Go by train to train

I had a really novel run today with my two new running buddies Debbie and Andrea who had devised a plan to run from London Bridge station and to get there we needed to go by train. They lived quite near to the station but I decided to run about 4 miles at a very steady pace to meet them.

Whilst on the train a quick plan was decided to run the Thames Path along the River Thames to Greenwich, something I have wanted to do for ages but this was not an opportunity to miss. Once we got to Greenwich Debbie and Andrea would take the helm.

We were outwardly amazed by what we would discover with some really beautiful houses, wharfs, idyllic streets and cosy pubs so close to the city. Then the new buildings appeared with high rises sadly hiding the old houses but still incredible to be running on streets still made of cobblestones.

Arriving in Greenwich the local knowledge of Debbie and Andrea  took me on some new routes through beautiful paths away from the humdrum traffic until we made the "mistake" of saying we would run Avery Hill which after 10 miles is a nasty little number that just eats away at your legs for about 2 miles but we were near the end of our journey and Debbie near the longest she had ever run.

Great run which I will definitely be doing again very soon

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