Sunday, 6 January 2013

Heel to Heal

Today almost saw my run out of the window as I had to return Jezzarette 1 back to her college in Southampton and experience tells me it is normally a long journey due to either bad weather or bad traffic caused by it, today we were in luck and sped through.

The Delightful Mrs S was instantly suspicious whilst on the journey home that I turned down the offer of a hot drink stop instead grabbing a bottle of fizz and she was right as within minutes of returning home, my heels were taped, a clean shirt grabbed and my monkey feet were taken off the naughty step.

Still trying to work out why I did run, especially with my heel being cut, but a double layer of tape proved to do the job but I was still careful not to get my feet wet finishing a 24 mile (39 km) back to back.

Good start to the year with a 45+ mile (73 km) week with my legs, ankles and now heels feeling great. I just need to get rid of this cough now.

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