Sunday, 13 January 2013

Product Review - Sis GO Electrolyte

SiS GO Electrolyte

I was pleased to be asked to try out the above electrolyte drink as I am very particular what rehydration products, if any, that I use.

The SiS website reports this product as follows:

When you want a balance of energy and hydration. SiS GO Electrolyte gives you energy fast and contains balanced electrolytes to enhance your body's ability to absorb water, maintain endurance performance and protect against cramp. It is light on the stomach. Use before to prepare and during sport when you are sweating heavily.

I was interested in the flavour - Green Tea and Lemon which I thought may taste a little synthetic having enjoyed making my own about two years ago and decided to use it on my 18 mile run this morning with my club to find out.

The Drink
The instructions stated that I pour the contents of the sachet into a sports bottle and fill it with water 500ml of water which I did and shook it to dissolve. I was instantly aghast and a tad worried to find that it was a muddy green colour at first but relieved to find that it cleared to a more distinct green tea colour the next day.

This is a very pleasant flavoured drink which is not sharp on the palate and easy on the stomach and definitely does not have a synthetic flavour as I first expected. Hydrating quality was good but was tested on a cool day so no conclusion can be made for it but after 18 miles I am normally quite thirsty so it seems to have done the job as I felt comfortable

Flavour: 5/5
Ease of mixing: 4/5 (although best done about an hour beforehand)
Overall: 5/5

Nice drink, well done Science in Sport and can be purchased from Cook and Matthews Ltd.

Cook and Matthews Sports Limited
68A High Street, 

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