Sunday, 27 January 2013

Short Week but Long Weekend

So what first appeared to be a Cycle Down week when my weekly training mileage naturally reduces I was looking forward to a little bit of recovery. My little corner of England lay under a layer of snow and after the initial excitement of a run in the snow from the running community, ice descended and so did the mood as people realised it was just a little dangerous to run the streets, I cared not a jot.

After yesterday's scheduled Long Run from London I planned to go for a Recovery run, preferably off road but the weather overnight was of biblical proportions as snow turned to rain and the hardened ground turned to mud. Who do I know who likes a muddy trail run but my mate Bhundu who is coming back from injury and so it was arranged that after we had done our husbandly chores to meet up for a run.

Meeting up the first thing said after customary greetings was "Right, let's fund some mud"...and we did, Duncan approximately 7 miles, I doing 9 miles.

Barefoot weekend

So the only running done this week was this weekend in the form of two runs totalling 29 miles (47 km) and all in my Vibram Monkey Feet. My feet a little sore and my calves stretched and painful so it will be a gentle run (in running shoes) on Monday for the next 3 weeks are a step up, GUCR beckons me.

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