Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sometimes it comes together

The plan tonight, 12 miles, hook or by crook, go with the flow....and ENJOY.

I happily joined in a group reported to be doing a very steady pace which appealed to me, the people in it were good fun. We were off on an easy run, the chat easy as was the pace but I soon came aware that there was a hardcore group of people in the pack....time for a little fun!

At about mile 3.5 of the group run and with about 2 miles to go I decided that enough was enough, none of the pack was positioning themselves for a pace out so I made a break and hilariously I was aware of footsteps behind me keeping up, a quick glimpse saw 3 other people...the hardcore plus an unexpected one, Ben, had positioned themselves off various shoulder ready for a race home.

So we went for it, forget the Pack, they were well catered for, we wanted to get the blood pumping I then heard "Jerry, you make it seem so effortless!"..."Not how I feel Ben" and then picked up the pace to test his resolve...he beat me home but I didn't care, we were floating, we were racing....and it felt GOOD.

It transpires that we were running at between 7:11 min/miles towards the end with more in the tank and progressively speeding is all coming together although I still want to keep the general pace down for the moment.


  1. Sounds awesome! I love it when things just fall in place sometimes. Not very often, but when it happens I make the most of it.

  2. He ran away from you owing to your verbosity!