Monday, 14 January 2013

Taped up

Deja vu
It is like a deja vu tonight when I decided to go out for a cheeky little 10km recovery run but before I did I had to tape up my toe for although it is drying out nicely I want to give it some TLC.

So grabbing the strapping tape I popped a bit over the top and wrapped the toe like a true professional and jumped to the door for a nondescript run around the cold streets monitoring my aches and pains...nothing serious to report on that side.

It occurred to me that I always seem to be taping this particular toe and then I remembered I wrote about it in Plastered Again and then was totally aghast when I saw it was almost exactly to the day last year that I had it taped up for the very same reason. I shouldn't be surprised really after all it is winter and it is wet.

On an aside, I am really pleased with my recent progress as I am currently running an average of 7 miles (11.3 km) a day this year with a 15 and two 18 mile (24 & 29 km) runs to boot.


  1. You are certainly an expert at taping that toe. I always find it interesting how we get the same blisters and pains through the years. Not that it can stop us from running.

  2. That's exactly the same toe I have problems with - I always get blisters under the nail. Bloody thing, wish I could get it chopped off! ;)