Friday, 4 January 2013

Ultrarunning could make you pregnant!

I do feel naive and silly sometimes Dear Reader! Imagine the scene, I was under the express instruction from the Delightful Mrs S to tidy up the muddy utility room of my Vibrams, the pile of dirty kit and a number of drop bags that seemed to have collected in a corner this evening. So I decided to multi-task which often goes awry as I get distracted easily such that at one point I had the Monkey Feet in the washing machine and now had wandered off with my First Aid drop bag in view of updating and replenishing any stock.

I went to the kitchen and picked a few plasters out of the communal box, a roll of micro-pore tape and then found something new I had never seen before, it read:

Expiry: 2014-11

I decided that this must be important as it had an expiry date on it and may come in useful so put it on the pile of stuff to be packed along with the Vaseline  and Steri-Strips.

Returning to the living room I innocently asked the Delightful Mrs S "What is an IMIA-CV Easy HCG? Is it an eye wash?" she replied "No you idiot, it is a pregnancy test!" OOPS I forget that Mrs S is a Women's Sexual Health professional

I have decided I do not need a IMIA-CV Easy HCG sachet in my running pack

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