Friday, 22 February 2013

A bit of TLC

After my comment in Cracking Run and why I preferred running trails like a good little long distance runner iced the sore bits and took some painkillers for the swollen bits however I have had a niggle in the the front of my shin by the ankle. The picture in Cracking Run shows me icing the extensors at the top of my foot and with a little research have noted my niggle could well be a slight strain of the extensor digitorum longus muscle which is a bit irritating.

Today I have been off work having a well deserved day off and have been blessed with a lazy involving some shopping with the Delightful Mrs S and a pre-ultra haircut, whilst in the shop I bought a pack of heat pads and whilst back at home taped one to the sore muscle leaving it there for most of the day...amazing things as it seemed to do the job and loosen the muscle such to allow me to walk without a limp. It is still sore but I hope another days rest will allow me to run on Sunday without problems otherwise it will have to be snake oil.

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