Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A little rest

The rise in mileage has played its toil on me and I just have to be a little bit more realistic about minimalist running. I am a very lucky person in as much that I do not get injured very often and my recovery rate is quite fast such that I was often called Lazarus!

The Night Run last Saturday was awesome, really great but I did comment to one of the runners that my feet were cold and such I was worried that I was not going to be able to feel the lumps and bumps under them and risked injury. The cold is not my worry as the shoe wearers would have just as cold but they had a padded sole and mid-foot plates that would take protect them. Having run 7 miles in shoes then 13 miles in my Monkey Feet in cold, wet conditions I returned home to find my feet swollen, not enough to worry me but they were also cold so I hoped a hot bath and wearing socks in bed would keep them warm and comfortable (it did)

Next day I went for a short recovery run in running shoes and all was fine but today I have felt my feet were a little sore and when wearing ordinary day shoes just plane uncomfortable (not from swelling) after walking about 6 miles all together.

I am resting tonight and out on Tuesday evening so won't run until Wednesday now just to get the feet to settle down what could potentially turn into a nasty injury if I do not curb my enthusiasm.

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  1. Definitely the wise choice to throw in some rest.