Thursday, 7 February 2013

A run with Seven Sisters

Legs feeling refreshed after a Rest Day I sprang from the doorstep in my Monkey Feet ready for a 10 mile (16 km)  run. As usual these days I had no real plan just a general direction but I had sneaked a torch in my pocket...just in case.

The weather was best described as blustery tonight and the sky was clear with the odd light cloud skittering across the stars. I was in a quiet, reflective mood today and this continued into my run as I looked up to the night sky to see my old friend Jupiter shining brightly but what made it special was he was visiting the Seven Sisters, Pleiades, tonight.

 Pleiades is a cluster of stars and if you look directly at them you will not see it so you have to rely on your peripheral vision, almost impossible to see in the cluttered and orange skies of the urban what to do? I have discovered that if you go into a wooded area such that you view the stars through trees you can see more as you cut out the sodium street lights....and that is what I did.

Run cut short for the moment I stood quietly gazing up to see Pleiades in its glory off the shoulder of Jupiter but was then greeted by a rare call to my mobile phone from the Delightful Mrs S who had  a puncture... quiet reflection over  I ran home...the car was in the courtyard but can wait until time with the Seven Sisters gone.


  1. I love star gazing while I do my morning runs. In winter our dark mornings are very clear and open 99% of the time. Just beautiful!

  2. The sky in this period is wonderful, full of shining stars.
    Remembering a great song of the Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbows: Stargazer.
    Good luck tomorrow against Ireland.