Saturday, 16 February 2013

Carabiner and Monkey Feet

Back to six day weeks and the loss of a weekly lie in if the training has to continue, yes Dear Reader, I am back lecturing on Saturdays for a few weeks but I still need to get a run in....time to be innovative.

The other day my daughter who is at university had a problem with her laptop such that she could not connect to the internet via the network port so we went to a local computer emporium and bought a USB adapter that allowed her laptop to do it. Innovation in practice, save me the cost of repair (even though we have a support contract) and she was able to get her work done....a little outlay but saved us both time and my money. Whilst buying the the USB adapter the shop had a "Snap Purchase" display and on it was a carabiner which I have been looking at for some time...I bought it for 99 pence.


Back to my plans for Saturday:
  • Travel to London
  • Lecture for 6 hours
  • Run back from London to Home
A distance of circa 16 miles (26 km) but I have to take my running kit to London whilst I wear jeans and a shirt so my Monkey Feet have a new friend, the carabiner, attaching them to my backpack on the outside, I will further support them by tucking them into the outer meshing but thought it was a great way of securing kit.

1 comment:

  1. Very useful and unexpensive item.
    After 6 hours lecturing, you deserve a relaxing run!
    Have a good week-end.
    Anyway congrats to England, a very good 6 Nations.