Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cracking Run

Ice to sooth the extensor muscles
Toe taped to protect the innocent
Had a cracking run from London to home this evening but somebody please remind me why I prefer running trails! Trying to get through the crowds around the major sightseeing areas was nigh on impossible but once past Tower Bridge I was out in the open once more and able to open up. On my back was my pack stuffed full of my day clothes, a bottle of water and a book which weighed in at about 9 pounds (4kg); On my feet however were my trusty VFF Monkey Feet.

The inner London streets of London and the Thames Path are a different place in the evening and as I passed along mysterious characters peered out at me from the shadows startled by the now regular slap, slap of by Monkey Feet. Passing through the numerous estates I began to smell the tell tale smell of people smoking drugs and then an addict looking for a fix...London isn't all about the tourism, it is also has a dark side like any major city. I was not worried about my situation, I knew where I was and I could run away if I needed too.

I was aware of a new fluidity in my running, it felt effortless and I was comfortable soon reaching Greenwich and then an unexpected detour when finding they had closed the famous Park but I cared not a jot, I ran around the edge  and up the dreaded Croom's Hill, a real lung buster (I did walk the last part) and then to home.

Statistics are 9 pound pack, 2 Monkey Feet and 18 miles....very happy

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